Monday, February 25, 2013

Ninja: worst blender ever

Ninja: officially worst blender ever. I tried making a similar green smoothie today with our old $40 Black and Decker, and it came out with a finer consistency (not perfect, but something I can live with) than the smoothie made with the Ninja. I also tried to make almond butter with its processor attachment, and it only got to the almond flour stage. I had to break out my cuisinart to get it to almond buttery goodness. A return trip to Costco is in store for you my friend! I do so hate when things to do not work as advertised!

Green smoothies are one of the easiest dietary commitments I've made.  So delicious!  I have read the warnings of incorporating raw smoothies into your diet.  The issue that keeps coming up seems to be related to having a genetic marker if you're of European descent (which I am not), and if you do not rotate your greens (note yesterday's shopping spree at Sunland Produce!), so I think I am fine. I'm also not using Green Smoothies as my primary source of nutrition, only using it to supplement a few meals out of each day (breakfast, maybe lunch?) I'm sure if I tell my doctor what I'm doing she'll approve.

Started my day with a cup of Doctor Oz's detox tea (Seriously, it's just Green tea, a squeeze of lemon and a few drops of my magic stevia elixir) and a Blueberry Parsley Greenie (recipe below)

Blueberry Parsley Greenie 

2 c spinach
1 c parsley
6 oz blueberries
1 fuji apple cored and sliced
1 cup unsweetened vanilla almond milk

Using fuji apples as my base fruit gives this smoothie enough sweetness to curb my insatiable sweet tooth, no added stevia required.  I think I may have overdone on the spinach, I barely tasted the blueberries!  Or they could've been lackluster blueberries, I don't know.  This recipe makes a *ton* of smoothie.  I was able to have a 16 oz glass and fill my thermos for the day ahead.

MV: Nature Made FSM
O3: Nature M

Probiotic: TruNature   
Weight: 172 (lost 1.5 lbs!)

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