Sunday, February 24, 2013

My Goodness, my Greenness!

Handful of kale
1 c parsley
1 c romaine lettuce
1 tbsp avocado oil
3/4 pear
1 cup mixed frozen berries
8 oz green tea
4 oz water
1 scoop protein powder
12 drops stevia

I found a neglected bag of kale in the back of my crisper, so in it went! This smoothie tastes a bit nutty, with the grassy undertones of parsley leveling off the sweetness of the fruit. I find myself liking this a lot, tastes good, healthy and is more filling than the nutrition shakes I used to have.

Because it is not smooth, I feel like I'm eating my smoothie and not drinking it. On top of pulsing, then blending, I finish with an ice crush, which helps the smoothie texture a little bit... however, having so much texture can be rather off-putting. 

Definitely going to go through my crisper drawer at a fast rate if I keep this up, but is that really a bad thing? It's not even 9am, and I've already hit my 5 servings of fruit and veg!

weigh-in: 173.5

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